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This is summarised in the 5 principles of our Cibomatto manifesto:
1. Grow together - We get as many ingredients as possible from farmers and growers around Bristol and the SouthWest. We like to meet our suppliers, exchange ideas and grow together.
2. No excess no waste - Italian cuisine likes simplicity. Most recipes use few ingredients, creatively combined. Our portions are never excessive so that no food gets wasted and, when your meal is over, you still have a glimpse of desire.
3. Good food for everyone - We try to keep our prices affordable and choose recipes that allow us to do so without compromising the quality. Our food tradition is mostly "cucina povera" ("frugal cuisine" - the peasants tradition)
4. Exchange recipes not products - We love to share the dishes of our tradition but we want to do that in a sustainable way. This is why we start from Italian recipes but adjust them to use local ingredients whenever possible.
5. Food follows season - Our menu changes over the year depending on fruit and veg's availability. We like to cook with seasonal ingredients because it keeps us connected to nature's cycles and the passing of seasons.

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