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Cibomatto.bristol is a sustainable cuisine project that aims at recreating an authentic Italian flavour, exploring the surroundings of Bristol. Cibomatto believes in sustainability and in the connection between different cultures using food as a way to create an inclusive space where we can communicate and share the pleasure of being together.​


Cibomatto.bristol is Elisa Bozzarelli and Mariateresa Lo Iacono. We both come from rural areas of the North of Italy and our roots are deep in the soil. Our ancestors were farmers or growers and even if we studied and worked in very different sectors, we never forgot how to find the best ingredients, how to cook them and how to put people around a table.  

We worked with

  • Coexist Community Kitchen

  • Elm Three Farm

  • Pourple Patch

  • Sundial Kitchen

  • Bridge Farm

  • Field Bakery

  • The Bristol Cheesmonger

  • Three Hare Farm

  • The Centrespace


  • Hodmedod's

  • Carnevale

  • Field bakery

  • Shipton Mill

  • Homewood Cheese

  • Farro bakery

  • The Fish Shop

  • Real Food Source

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