Three different regions of Italy 

(Piemonte, Sicily, and Emilia Romagna)

Three generations of traditions

Three times the taste and knowledge

Born in 2018 in Bristol, Cibo Matto is a sustainable cuisine project created by Elisa, Mari & Piero, three Italian food-lovers.


Our aim is to overturn the usual approach in the UK about foreign cuisine. We strongly believe in sustainability and connection between different cultures. We propose a combination of high-quality locally made ingredients with the expertise inherited from our families in Italy.


Cibo Matto wants to recreate for you authentic Italian flavor without

crossing the Channel. We instead prefer to explore the surroundings of Bristol searching for local producers and suppliers.


We are particularly proud of our Tortelli Piacentini filled with ricotta cheese made from an artisanal dairy farm based in east Somerset.

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Our selected  suppliers

Tel: 07305 181 559