Sharing food is our passion, so here are some cooking tips so that you can enjoy our products at best 



Pasta: Cook in salted boiling water as long as specified on the package. Cooking time is for serving al dente, cook for bit a longer if you prefer a softer result. Tip: If serving with tomato sauce, our advice is to heat the sauce in a pan for a couple of minutes and then stir the pasta in the pan too for one extra minute. Pesto or walnuts cream instead do not need to be heated - just pour the sauce in a bowl and temper with two table spoons of the cooking water, then add the pasta and stir.

Tortelli: Cook in salted boiling water for 5 or 6 mins (check with a fork if the pasta border is soft enough before draining). Tip: Tortelli are delicate, so directly draining in the colander may brake them. We suggest to take them out with a skimmer, put them in the colander and then gently shake - get rid of as much water as possible before adding the sauce to ensure a richer taste.


Focaccia and farinata are freshly made on the day of delivery, but you can re-heat them in the oven if you like  (we recommend it for farinata, which gives its best when very warm!)



Pasta dry  lasts for a month in the cupboard

Pasta fresh  eat on the day of the delivery/production or the day after

Tortelli (frozen) last in the freezer for up to a month
 (fresh) must be kept outside of the fridge and eaten by the end of the day

Focaccia and farinata taste best in the first day but can last up to 2
(no need to put them in the fridge)

Gelato lasts in the freezer for up to a week